I'm a philosopher working on topics in quantum foundations, cognitive science, and political theory.

I’m an MA student in the philosophy department at the University of Waterloo. My current research can be partitioned into three disparate topics: (1) resolving problems in quantum foundations by utilizing quantum information theory in conjunction with the appropriate metaphysical structure (2) the nature and origin of human ownership and property (3) socialist theory informed by past and contemporary social movements.

Prior to Waterloo, I worked as a software engineer in NYC at Medidata during the somewhat chaotic 2016-2017 calendar year. I graduated from McGill University in June 2015 with a bachelor’s in Physics & Computer Science. To learn more about my education and work history, take a look at my CV.

I have been living in Canada since 2007 and became a Canadian in 2012. My ancestral homeland is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Apart from natural philosophy and political theory, I have an interest in Pashto and Urdu Poetry, existentialist literature, and genres of music embedded in socio-political struggles.


The best way to reach me is by email. You can also find me at:

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